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Delhi - WA-84A, IInd Floor, Opp Baba Balak Nath Mandir, 84, New Patpar Ganj Rd, Block Wa, Shakarpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110092, near Laxmi Nagar Metro Station,
Ph : - +91-9871430039
Ghaziabad - 2B/891, Vasundhara, near Vaishali metro station,
Ph : - +91-9871430039
Dehra Dun - 154, Dobhalwala, Dehra Dun,
Ph : - +91-9871430039

Pay Per Click(PPC), Adwords & SEM Course Training Institute

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC), Adwords Training Course
Location India: Laxmi Nagar Delhi, Noida, Vaishali, Vasundhara Ghaziabad, Dehra Dun
Duration(30 hours)
Contact Us: +91-9871430039, 011-42487617

Search Engine Marketing(SEM) or Pay Per Click(PPC) has become one of the fastest and easiest ways to succeed in reaching your customers over the past few years. Web marketing services are gaining more attention and importance specifically because internet technologies offer an easy and cost effective approach to marketing. During 2010 to 2012, web Search Engine Marketing is expected to draw almost 25% of the global marketing budget. This has given a lot of growth opportunity to SMEs and Search Engine Marketing companies.

Professional SEM or PPC Course Content -

1. Designing PPC Campaign
2. Creating Ad Groups
3. Design Effective Ad Creation
4. Keyword Research
5. Keywords - BROAD Match, Phrase Match, Exact match
6. Negative Keywords
7. Targeting your marketing spend
8. Making effective ads
9. Budgets
10. Bidding structure
11. Text Ads
12. Youtube Ads
13. Mobile Ads
14. Display Ads
15. Traffic Estimator
16. Effective Use of CPC
17. Improving (CTRs) Click through-Rates
18. Track your sales conversions
19. Tracking (Return on Investment) ROI
20. Billing

My Client Center : Full Topic Covered.

1. How to give access to others
2. How many type of access
3. How to use these access
4. How to define access level
5. How to creat new adwords or MCC without using adwords account.
6. Adwords Api Center tool.

Google Editor : Overview Covered.

1. How to download campaign
2. How to create ads
3. How to create Campaigns
4. How to manage editor tool.

Google Analytics : Over View Covered.

1. How to check real-time results
2. How to Block IP
3. How to attached analytics account with adwords
4. How to figure out things in adwords account.

Promotion on Display Network :

Promotion on You Tube :

1. Video promotion through adwords account.

Polices For Different Business Verticals:

For Further Enquiry Please Call - +91- 9871430039

Why web Search Engine Marketing?
Web Search Engine Marketing can help businesses of all sizes, from small businesses through top large global corporations. With a relatively small marketing budget and with the aid of an expert web Search Engine Marketing team you can expect to see an unparalleled ROI. Here are some typical benefits:

  • Greater ROI - due to the global and instant reach that internet and web technology offers, no other form of marketing can give your business so much exposure and offer so much return with such little up-front investment
  • Quick results - with so many Search Engine Marketing options available to you, you can achieve almost overnight results for your business if adopted properly
  • Long term cost effectiveness - as with everything, some Search Engine Marketing tactics can become very expensive in the long run but with some careful planning and strategy, you can easily adopt an Search Engine Marketing approach that provides long term benefits with very little ongoing cost

Web marketing holds the key for businesses of all sizes because of its almost instant global reach and long term cost effectiveness.
The World Wide Web provides us with an entirely new opportunity to increase our income and grow your business. So learning Search Engine Marketing secrets on our boot camp will expand your boundaries and ways of thinking like never before. This unique opportunity will bring in more prospects to grow your business like never before.

For some who are looking to market themselves using the internet as a tool this can seem very daunting, learning all the technical programming code, html, java script, CSS, etc. This is why we have put together a course that focuses on the practical skills involved rather than just giving you technical jargon that other courses give. We guide you step by step, sometimes holding your hand if you like to implement the knowledge and skills learned.